Security and data privacy commitment

We take security and privacy seriously. They are at the foundation of our organization and product development. We are committed to the security and privacy of our systems, data, and our customers.

Internal cybersecurity and data security practices

Data encryption

We use AES encryption algorithms for data in transit (TLS) and data at rest. This includes all our phones, tablets, computers, printers, servers, and other devices with storage.

Background checks

All our employees have passed a background check. This enables us to ensure compliance across the cybersecurity frameworks we adhere to and build trust with our customers.

MFA and least privileged

We employ multi-factor authentication across all our accounts and systems. We ensure only the people and systems that need access have access to the minimum amount of data to complete their task.

Continuous monitoring

It's not a secret; security is complicated and prone to human error. We use automation wherever possible to continuously monitor and ensure we are building secure products and services.

Physical security

Our security goes beyond the cloud - we also have multiple layers of physical security implemented to further protect our data and systems from unauthorized access.

Security training and regular audits

We perform regular employee training to ensure our team is up on current threats. We also conduct regular internal audits to ensure that we comply with our stringent requirements.

Product security

Independent testing

We use independent auditors and penetration testing experts to test and validate the effectiveness of our security controls and practices.

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor our product's infrastructure and endpoints to ensure that they always comply with the strict cybersecurity and data security requirements we follow.

Authentication and authorization

We allow all users to use single sign-on (SSO) and require multi-factor authentication for accounts using an email.

Report issue

If you think you've found an issue, please notify us ASAP. You can help us respond and resolve issues quickly by following our responsible disclosure policy.

Keep in mind humans read every report; please ensure we can efficiently consume the report.