Security commitment to our customers

We are deeply committed to security and privacy in our organization and products, diligently protecting systems, data, and customer privacy.

U.S. based

Our team, solely U.S. citizens, manages software development and on-site tasks like filming at customer locations, all based in the U.S.

Data encryption

We secure data using encryption algorithms in transit and at rest across all devices, from phones to servers.

Background checks

Our employees undergo thorough background checks to ensure compliance with cybersecurity standards and build customer trust.

Continuous monitoring

We extensively use automation for continuous monitoring, reducing human error and enhancing the security of our products and services.

Product security

Independent testing

We enlist independent auditors and penetration testing experts to assess and validate the effectiveness of our security controls and practices.

Continuous monitoring

We maintain continuous monitoring of our product's infrastructure and endpoints to ensure they consistently adhere to the rigorous cybersecurity and data security standards we uphold.

Report issue

If you've identified a potential security issue, please contact us promptly and follow our Responsible disclosure guidelines.

Your clear and concise report will help us address the issue quickly and effectively.